Compassion & Kindness


Practicing empathy, understanding & Mindfulness.


Proactivity with a preventative approach, reducing the need for reactive treatment.


Starting an effect of positivity, organically changing lives, making a magic that lasts forever.


Finding who we are, believing in ourselves, learning to identify our instincts and trust in them.


We were born with a voice, we nurture our individual power and we use our voice.


"Be who you are not who they want you to be, celebrate you, you are amazing"


We believe that both a child and its family suffers a severe trauma when diagnosed with a currently life-long, life threatening disease. Amongst the instant, intensive and complex daily management of T1D there is no time for healing or grieving the initial loss of life as it was for a family.


Through personal experience, compassion and collaboration the ‘Just Like Us’ initiative strives towards putting in place a variety of support networks to nourish the emotional and mental wellbeing of children with T1D and their siblings through-out crucial developmental periods of their lives.


During 2019 children living with T1D & their siblings will take part in a range of creative arts programs strategically implementing our core values. Together with our talented team the children will write, create, sing or feature in a collaborative film clip which will develop an engaging and powerful tool to assist the initiative in the delivery of key information people ‘Just Like Us’ wish was understood in the social, living and educational environments of those whose lives were chosen by T1D.

It takes one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of powerful change



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