On July 14, 2013, I discovered that my once healthy 3-year-old boy's immune system had for reasons ‘unknown’ attacked his tiny body resulting in the destruction of a vital organ - his pancreas.


At that moment everything in my family’s world changed forever. After tireless research on how to keep him alive and to care for his physical health the best I could, I learnt that there was so much more to living with this disease. 



In 2016 a faulty insulin pump resulted in 6 traumatising hospitalisations’ where I nearly lost my son on several occasions. It quickly became apparent to me what continuous emotional distress T1D was causing not only on my son but all my children and family - this is when the essence of 'Just Like Us' began to transpire.


Through experiencing the effects of trauma, anger, fear and anxiety firsthand and seeing repercussions rippling through my family I knew that it is NOW our children need access to self-healing and coping mechanisms to learn to sit within their pain so they are able to move through it physically and emotionally.


With exploration of many therapy-based methods it became clear that a need existed within the medical support system for positive healing intervention with focus on preventative methods. Knowing there were so many people out there that there (just like us) facing the same challenges, together our family created the 'Just Like Us’ initiative.