Our Manifesto 

By Sarah Louise​

The Just Like Us Initiative is a positive, pro-active approach to physical and emotional wellbeing in life until a cure


We support, we love, we dream, we believe


Just Like Us inspires


We celebrate individuality, we have a desire to explore creativity and culture and ignite what we hold inside. Through specific yoga practice and self-inquiry, we can cultivate a more understood positive vision of our reality’s.


Just Like Us collaborates nature and innovation


We embrace the gift of medical technology in support our journey at the same time as respecting and holding on to our beliefs of imagination and connection to our natural selves.

Just Like Us is confidence 

We lead with the power of our mind and hearts in-line, progressing organically; we know who we are, and we own it bold and bravely.


Just Like Us is determined


With no option but to face our fears daily, we know the only way out is through, we persist with tireless resilience, we believe in the magic within us, moving together towards.


Just Like Us chooses kindness


We act with non-judgmental compassion representing kindness and respect in all of our choices throughout this journey, with an objective of healing the hearts of our Type 1 warriors and their tribes.