On July 14th 2013, I discovered that my once healthy little boy's immune system had for unknown reasons attacked his small little body resulting in the destruction of one of his vital organs - the pancreas.


It was at that moment I knew everything in my family’s world had now changed forever. After years of managing and researching the disease I learnt that monitoring his health and keeping my son alive was only one piece of this puzzle and there was a lot more we had to think about - this is when the essence of 'Just Like Us' began to transpire.


2016 sadly brought my son and our family a year of distressing diabetic misfortune with 6 traumatising close calls and hospitalisations it became apparent to me what continuous physical and emotional distress can cause for a child in the long term. After seeing these secondary effects of depression and anxiety first hand already arising in my son at only 7yrs old then consequently his brothers and sister i knew that it is NOW that they need the tools to cope with carrying such burdens.


With exploration of many therapy based methods it became clear that a need existed within the medical support system for a new type of positive intervention focusing on the prevention of these common outcomes. Aware that there were many other families (just like us) facing the same challenges I began creating the 'Just Like Us’ initiative. 


The program mentors the cultivation of essential life skills through a variety of carefully configured physical and creative arts programs. We provide a fun and engaging environment to build confidence and self-esteem while teaching stress relieving and coping techniques through mindful activity empowering children to control their own future and health.

It takes one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of powerful change



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