T1D ( A Child's Journey)

I don’t feel very well today and my Mum’s put me to bed,

My mouth is dry, my tummies sore and I’m fuzzy in the head.

Maybe when I wake up tomorrow I’ll feel better again,

I hope I do, I don’t like this my body feels in pain.

Tomorrow’s here I don’t feel good, I still feel really sick

I just heard my Mummy say “let’s get him to the doctor quick”.

The doctor want’s to check my blood and give my finger a prick,

I want to run away from here but I am feeling way too sick.

They have tested me now and Mummy’s in tears and my Daddy is looking sad.

And we have to go to the hospital, because I feel so bad.

We went there in an ambulance, I can remember some of that,

My Mum went in their next to me while I was lying on my back.

The hospital was very busy, there were doctor’s everywhere,

They were running back and forth and giving me lots of care.

They put a needle in my tummy and I wasn’t very happy,

But I knew that I would be ok because I was with my Daddy.

He promised me it would make me better and I really trust my dad,

He knows best and so does Mum they said I’m a real brave lad.

They were right I don’t feel sick I’m feeling better again,

My mouth’s not dry, my head feels clear and my body is not in pain.

They said I have an autoimmune disease, that sounds really weird,

Then I heard my Mummy say this is what I feared.

She said it is called diabetes the doctor said type 1

I’ve never heard of that before,

Gosh that doesn’t sound like fun.

I have to have needles in my tummy and sometimes in my bottom,

They said a lot of things that day but a lot I have forgotten.

They sent us home with lots of stuff it did make me feel better,

But the part that worries me the most is that I could have this forever.

The first few months after this things were different from before,

I felt confused and worried and my fingers were really sore.

My body was adjusting and my heart was feeling sad,

But the doctors told me I will be ok for that I’m really glad.

The months went on with some ups and downs then I tried something new,

An insulin pump that keeps me safe and pumps the insulin through.

My days after that felt better for me and we put the needles away,

Now I don’t have to worry so much when I go to a friends to play.

My Mum and Dad are better too and they don’t make so much fuss,

That is because of friends we’ve met through a group called “JUST LIKE US”

They are there to help us and give us things to do,

I have met a boy called Paxx and lots of other kids too.

The lady who runs it is Sarah, she has some great ideas,

There are so many things to do there that take away our fears.

We dance and sing and act and play it is such a lot of fun,

There are also certain people there that help my Dad and Mum.

We all are feeling better we have peace within our heart,

Knowing that we are supported is a perfect brand new start.

We even do some yoga and my Mum goes out to lunch

Gee I really like these people they are such a friendly bunch.

I have learnt that I am still the same even with type 1,

That doesn’t change who I am and I can still have fun,

The future is looking better I can see things clearly now,

I have made a promise to myself and to me I give this vow.

Diabetes does not define me and I will live to be very old,

With all the children just like us and our journey will be told.

Inspired by and dedicated to Paxx Im (My Grandson)

Written by Sue Sherman (Head Counsellor of “Just like us”)