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The ‘Just Like Us’ Initiative offers a range of creative learning & physical arts programs to foster the following skills:

The Understanding

Creating a positive mind-set, resilience, compassion, understanding Anxiety and physical Stress Responses. Exploration of emotions and understanding their daily challenges while building a deep-rooted self-confidence to carry throughout life and develop secure emotional health.


The Activities

Healthy and creative methods to release built up emotions through disciplines that promote mindfulness as well as physical health benefits including yoga, Aerial Ballet, Singing, Drama and dance. Not only does this give our children the opportunity to explore their passions, abilities and talents it cleverly integrates secondary learning about many of the beautiful cultures and traditions our country embraces.

The Learning


It’s not at all easy for our children to concentrate on schooling  through high levels, low levels, finger pricks, needles, set changes, boluses, calibrating and everything in-between. Not to mention headaches, light headedness, poor vision, nausea, irritability just to name a few …… Type 1 is a full-time job. On the flip side while our littles may struggle to complete all their schooling tasks but they are learning so much more everyday as the move through life managing T1D here are just a few skills they practice daily:

Maths, health, science, social studies, responsibility, accountability, nutrition, decision making, predicting and reasoning just to name a few. These achievements may not be recognised in the system we operate in but it is no doubt they are there.

Our program in 2019 will develop a range of relevant activities to further our children’s learning in an area that is essential to the management of their future lives and health. This will include a range of fun and engaging activities including cooking, meal planning, amongst other nutritional and health activities.

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